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Learn Tajweed

A complete online course on learning to recite the Quran with tajweed

20 Lessons 577 Minutes
Unique Features of Islam4U Courses

Unique Features of Islam4U Courses

Islam4U courses are made up of a combination of lessons that include special features for users. Here are some features of Islam4U courses:

Our support team is available so that you can follow up on your education.
You will be certified at the end of each course.
Ask any question that you have from the instructors online.
You can download the audio of the courses.

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Quran Kids

Quran Kids

Teaching Quran to children

53 Lessons 795 Minutes
Courses (10)

Sample , Al-Hamd , Al-Kawthar , Al-Fil , Quraysh , Al-Qadr , Al-Ma'un , Al-Kafirun , At-Tin , Al-'Adiyat

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Those who pass the final exam will be given a certificate of completion of the course.
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